USDA Individually Packaged Meat Coming in 2021!

Stay tuned for our meat packages coming soon.

We sell whole wethers butchered and processed with cut and wrap.

  • Whole goat (80lb +) $550

  • Half a goat $275

Semen Sales

All semen available from our own tank or shipped through REI

  • Casper Farms Otis $20/straw

  • MADI Hermes (MADI Apollo Son) $100/straw

  • Almosta Megastar (MADI Starboy son)

    • 12 show points in his first season

    • $100/straw

  • Whiskey Rae Homestead IMA Playa (2JW Smokin Gun's Boomstick Son)

    • 23 show points in his first season

    • $100/Straw


Casper Farm's Otis - Sold to Diana Adams! Congratulations on an the addition of such an outstanding sire.


We have too many bucks so we need to move this guy. He is reasonably priced because he did founder this summer and cannot be kept on processed feeds. It does not effect his ability to throw awesome kids or breed. We love the bone and level topline he has given his kid crops. His teat, bite, scrotum, and color are correct. He is registered at 99% He is CAE/CL/Johnes tested negative and sells as a guaranteed negative if tested in 30 days. $900


Sold to Sam Otto! She sold bred to a Ward's Cat in the Hat son and had a beautiful caped doeling! Congratulations Sam on your most excellent purchase of Bella