Commercial Does

We have a terrific herd of commercial does who are the basis for our wether market stock. These girls are proven mothers and are the building blocks or our percentage herd.


G6 and her herdmate G5 were purchased on a wim when we were first begining to breed Boers. We were told they came with papers. They did not. We were told they were Dam raised. They were not. We discovered this when we attempted to draft our first bottle baby on G5 and while supplementing him until her milk production was in full swing she was also trying to drink from the bottle. Regardless of her small size she has earned her keep here by being able to raise one that was not her own. She is color and structurally correct. She is elegent and she is a meat producing machine. She produced a grand champion wether project last year for Latah County Fair. 


G7 was Idaho county Reserve Market Project in 2017. Her purchase put her immediately into production on the ranch. She kidded twins in 2018 and triplets in 2019. While the untimely photo with her head in the feeder isn't beautiful. Who can blame a girl who is keeping up with nursing three babies. She is color and structurally correct. We love her for her long smooth top line and amazing bone. She is up-fronted and elegant when her head isn't in the feeder. 


G8 was purchased as a package deal with two other Savanna cross breeds and a fullblooded Savanna (G11). She was slow to grow and mature but we love her fancy ears and thick long body shape. Her real name is "Margie" Her kidding record for 2017 was twins and she had a single in 2019.


G10 is a Savanna Boer X she has given us twins in 2018 and triplets in 2019. She is potentially thicker than she is long and is less than a week shy of kidding triplets in this photo. She is a very protective mother and doesn't allow us to assist very often and handling kids with her in the pen is sometimes tricky. What she may lack in style she makes up for in maternal abilities.


G11 should probably be on the fullblooded page but we use her for our commercial purposes so she lands here. She is registered fullblooded Savanna. She is not show correct and we fault her only for her poor teat structure. And while she isn't pretty in that regard she feeds the heck out of her kids, has never had an issue with one nursing, and is about as maternal as they come. We selectively breed her to reduce any opportunity of passing on the poor teat structure and up to this point have retained all of her doelings. She kidded twins in 2018 and again in 2019.