Our ranch situated in North Central Idaho is home to 4 human kids as well as the abundance of goat kids. As a family we love spending time in the pasture, and the show ring. Our family time is spent showing and caring for these awesome animals.


Our breeding program focuses on breeding seed stock and show quality animals that are functional. We place a high importance in our program on weaning weights, and inherent maternal ability of our damns. Breeding does are proven here before they are ever flushed. We are glad you have stopped at our page and we hope we are able to help you find your next breeding or show prospect.


We started artificially inseminating goats in 2017. Along with artificially inseminating our own herd we offer these services within a reasonable distance from us. We have semen from our bucks and other's for purchase as well. Give us a call with your breeding, AI, seed or show stock needs.


Chief Bookeeper and Sales Rep


As a mom of 4 with a full time side gig to our goat business I am always on the run. But I love talking goats. Give me a call.

Chief Herdsman/Groundskeeper

I take great pride in how our goats perform. I ensure they are taken better care of than most from the get go. Call me if you have any goat care issues.